Due to a lack of manpower to again hold our annual sale in Winchester, VA, we have decided to hold a private treaty sale on our website: www.brownfamilyshowpigs.com. Pigs will be pictured on our website and you will be offered 2 ways to purchase. Each lot will have a minimum bid listed and a “Buy Now” price.
    text or call 419-235-7611 - If you wish to use this option. Upon acceptance of your bid the pig is considered sold at the buy now price without the opportunity for other bids.
    text or call 419-235-7611 to determine the current bid and to place your bid. All lots not sold at the “Buy Now” price will be sold to the highest bidder at 9:00 PM EDT on April 9.
    We will also offer a small number of pigs in a trailer sale in Winchester, Virginia. These pigs are littermates to the pigs offered in the online sale and will be sold at private treaty.

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Bill: 937-693-2391 (H) , 419-235-7611 (C)
Email:  23virginian@gmail.com


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